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- 1220 Days: the story of U.S. Marine Edmond Babler and his experiences in Japanese Prisoner of War Camps during World War II

- World War II in Mid-America:  Experiences from rural Mid-American during the Second World War 

- Several published military history articles at


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Local Historical Selfie tour - Tidewater, Virginia, Area


The following pictures were taken by Robert Daniels in September 2021


(Local Historical Selfie Tour by Robert Daniels is licensed under CC BY 4.0.)


Extra Credit Opportunity:  Local Historical Selfie Tour

The intent of this Extra Credit opportunity is to get you acquainted with some of the local historical and cultural sites of the Southside of Hampton Roads area.

This Extra Credit opportunity is wholly and completely optional.  No penalties will be received for not submitting it.  However, this Extra Credit opportunity is worth a total of 100 points towards your final course grade and should be submitted only once, regardless of how complete it is.  It must be submitted as a complete, printed document, in class (if a face-to face course) or via Canvas if a distance course via ZOOM. 

Simply copy the below to a Word Document format, visit the below sites and take a selfie of yourself in front of the site, then paste a copy of your selfie on the applicable space next to its topic on the following pages.  Each of these individual sites is worth 10 points towards your final course grade for a total of a maximum of 100 points (10 points fore each of the listed 10 sites).  Visit as many or as few sites as you wish, but you will only receive points for the amount of sites you visit and post the applicable selfie to.

Submission:  This assignment must be submitted as a Word or PDF document either in class if a face-to-face course or using the submission feature in the assignment’s Canvas page if a distance course using ZOOM, and can be submitted anytime prior to the end of the course.  It can, however, be only submitted once, regardless of how many sites visited, so please plan accordingly.  It will “not” be accepted after the last day of class

Here is an example of what is required:









The Watts House Historical Marker.

Located at the corner of North and Dinwiddie Streets, Portsmouth, VA.







Directions for posting pictures:  Cut and paste the picture into the empty box to the left of the topic’s text.  Resize the picture by clicking on the picture, placing the cursor on the small square that will appear in the upper left corner of the picture, then dragging the cursor diagonally down until the picture is the proper size to fit in the box.  Select “Layout Options.”  On Layout Options tab, select “Square” under the “With Text Wrapping” heading. 

See the following pages for the subjects of this Extra Credit opportunity.      








1.      Revolutionary Cannon Ball.

Located on an outside wall of the Saint Paul’s Episcopal Church,

201 St Paul’s Blvd, Norfolk, VA.















2.  The painting The Neophyte (First Experience of the Monastery).

Located in the Chrysler Museum, One Memorial Place, Norfolk, VA.












3.  The Statue of Sgt. William H. Carney, 54th Massachusetts,

the first African-American to be awarded the Medal of Honor.

Located in the West Point Cemetery, 238 Princess Ann Rd, Norfolk, VA.












4.  The Statue of Grace Sherwood, the Witch of Pungo.

Located at the corner of Independence Blvd and N Witchduck Rd, Virginia Beach, VA.












5.  Kempsville Historical Marker.

Located in the Kempsville area of Virginia Beach, VA, in a church parking lot at the corner of Singleton Way and Overland Road west of the intersection of Princess Anne Road and Kempsville/S Witchduck Road.












6.  The Watts House Historical Marker.

Located at the corner of North and Dinwiddie Streets, Portsmouth, VA.













7.  The Portsmouth Revolutionary War Historical Markers.

Located on Crawford Parkway, Portsmouth, VA, near the corner of Crawford Parkway and Court St.













8.  War of 1812 Mural 

Located on the side of a building near the Corner of High St. and Green St. in Portsmouth, VA










9.  Three Hundred Year-Old Oak Tree – 5th largest oak tree in Virginia 

Portsmouth, Blvd

(Highway 337)
Chesapeake, VA 23321


Approximately 1 mile west of I-664 Interchange (Exit 11) and ½ mile west of Jolliff Road, on the south side of Portsmouth Blvd (Highway 337)









10.  The Great Bridge Battlefield Obelisk.

Located at the corner of Battlefield Blvd and Watson Rd, Chesapeake, VA.










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