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- 1220 Days: the story of U.S. Marine Edmond Babler and his experiences in Japanese Prisoner of War Camps during World War II

- World War II in Mid-America:  Experiences from rural Mid-American during the Second World War 

- Several published military history articles at


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Robert C. Daniels

I grew up in Waupun, Wisconsin, during the 60's and 70's At age 18, after graduating from Waupun Senior High School with the class of 1976, I joined the U. S. Navy.  Upon retirement from the service as a Chief Petty Officer, I attended Tidewater Community College (TCC) in Virginia Beach, Virginia, Old Dominion University (ODU) in Norfolk, Virginia, and the American Military University (AMU), an on-line university out of Manassas Park, Virginia, earning an AA in liberal arts, a BA in history/secondary education, and an MA in military studies, respectively.

After graduating from ODU and remembering as a youth listening to Edmond Babler talk about his ordeal as a Japanese held POW during WWII, I was inspired to write Ed's account using his own narrative, which he aptly entitled 1220 Days in Hell.  I entitled my book 1220 Days: The story of U.S. Marine Edmond Babler and his experiences in Japanese Prisoner of War Camps during World War II.  My next set of projects came about through my graduate studies.  Several of these have been published at  My second book and latest project to complete I entitled World War II in Mid-America:  Experiences from rural Mid-America during World War II.  It is also in print.  In addition, at the request of many, I have also posted the 33 oral interviews, transcribed in written word, that I conducted for my research for World War II in Mid-America.  They can be accessed by selecting "Read Interviews" to the left.  I have also just recently transcribed an 1832 diary of Captain Ardin Biggerstaff covering his adventures in the 1832 Black Hawk War.  This can be viewed by selecting Ardin Biggerstaff's Black Hawk War Diary from the left list of links.  Currently I am researching the Daniels family tree and beginning work on two additional books.  One of these is about the Blackhawk War, which will greatly expound upon my article "The Quality of the Combatants in the Black Hawk War."  I have tentatively entitled this work "Touring the Black Hawk War."  The other is documenting the various Norfolk, Virginia, cemeteries, featuring some of the more interesting grave-markers and other unique aspects of these cemeteries.  This book project is tentively entitled Exploring Norfolk Cemeteries.

My wife Rebecca and I live with our cherished pets in Chesapeake, Virginia, where I've been employed for the past twenty years by the U.S. Coast Guard as a training specialist and schoolhouse manager.  In what little spare time I have, I also teach History courses at both the Virginia Beach, Virginia, and Portsmouth, Virginia, campuses of Tidewater Community College, ride my bicycle, and tour historical sites. 

Finally, I am very proud to add that both my daughter, Brenda, and her wife, Erin, are Chief Petty Officers in the United States Coast Guard, and my son, Phillip, is a teacher in central Florida.  With the addition of Phillip's daughter, Marla, and son, Oliver, I am also a very proud grandfather.

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